Nexodyne Stock Exchange


You now earn interest on any cash balance in your account (at approx. 4% per annum) but you pay interest on any negative cash balance (at approx. 8% per annum)!

Finally we've added an FAQ, check it out!

The Nexodyne Stock Exchange (NXSE) has now been launched with a completely new layout.
We will add an FAQ soon to assist those new to the markets in making their first trade!

About the Exchange

The Nexodyne Stock Exchange (NSXE) is an advanced market simulation intended both for financial professionals and beginners who wish to understand how a real stock market works. Unlike some other simulations, the NXSE aims to recreate as many details of the real market as possible.

The exchange uses modern Asynchronous JavaScript and JSON (AJAJ) so the user is kept up to date with the latest market information. This means no page reloading, and minimal delay between the market state and the information on-screen.

The NXSE is under continual development, and new features are added regularly to ensure the most interesting and realistic experience.

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